Dream Map: Original


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Dream Map is a watercolor map done on a 16″ x “12 canvas.

canvas ↵ watercolor ↵ markers ↵ typewriter ↵ imagination ↵

Artist Statement 

Imagine you are in the library in Venice in the third Indiana Jones movie with Harrison Ford and Sean Connery! Further, imagine that you are NOT, in fact, on the quest for the Holy Grail or being hunted by a secret society who has sworn to protect it; therefore, you can just chill and look around.

THESE MAPS are what I imagine you would find in that library, in some dusty corner, in a large, hand written book from a forgotten time. Perhaps these are the notes of an explorer or the maps of a lost civilization? Whatever this map is of, you want to know more.

These maps are my fiction-writing brain barging into my visual art zone. I hope they spark your imagination in the same way they spark mine.





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