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Unknown is a watercolor/gouache map that is 30″ x 22″ and done on 310g Breathing Color Elegance Velvet archival (acid-and-lignin free) paper.

The piece is float framed in a custom frame built by a local artisan and is made out of birch. It has a museum quality Plexiglas to protect the art from light damage. Frame size is 27″ x 35″. Ask about having your own frame designed for this piece at no additional cost.

watercolor ↵ gouache ↵ quill ↵ marker

Artist Statement 

Where-a-bouts are you from?

The places we reside inform our worldview. It’s impossible for place not to. It’s where we work, where we play, the people we spend time with/live near, the food we eat, the distance we have to travel to get the things we need, and the tension of what is and is not available. What is allowed and what is not allowed. And all of this, all of these experiences, is how place informs what feels true or not true to us.

Our place often feels the most true or right. We value the familiar and the known, especially in times of hardship and stress. It’s tempting to view a place different from what we are familiar with as OTHER, often making judgments on the people who live there and the way they go about their lives.

But no matter where you call home and where you consider to be OTHER, we are more similar than different. We all have to go to a store/market/farm to buy food. We need fuel. We visit the people we love. We drive/ride/walk on a main street. We’re drawn to the bodies of water near us. We worship somewhere. We all have a secret place we like to go when we want to be alone. Should it matter if, for one person, it’s a country field and for another, it’s a city beach or an island in the middle of a river on an unknown planet?

So, let’s be curious about the things that feel different to us. Where is your favorite bookstore? Playground? Corner store? Bus stop?

These maps are not your city, your small town or your planet, but they also are.



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