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Northeast Minneapolis artist, writer, creator, yogi, cyclist, foodi, dreamer, day trader, real estate fanatic, farm girl, human, woman, lover of the sky, of story, of poetry, of trees. All Are Welcome! I’m glad you are here.


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Northrup King Building: 1500 Jackson St NE Minneapolis, MN 55413

Anna of Stargirl Art is glad you are here

Anna Palmquist of Stargirl Art is a dynamic mixed media artist who creates extraordinary works of art using an array of materials including watercolor, pen, and discarded objects. Anna’s creative process is fueled by her passion for exploring and discovering captivating elements from her extensive collection of books, objects, and online resources. She uses her unique ability to bring together unlikely combinations of elements, resulting in striking and thought-provoking pieces that captivate and inspire viewers. Anna is not just an artist, but also a talented photographer and writer, having earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Hamline University. Anna’s remarkable artistic vision and unwavering dedication to her craft have earned her a well-deserved place in the community of NE Minneapolis artists.

Her Process

As a mixed media artist, color is Anna’s obsession. She loves buying packs of markers and colored pencils arranged in the order of the rainbow. Anna frequents bargain basements in used bookstores and garage sales, searching for objects, images and text that inspire her work.

Rather than having a clear vision of what she wants to create, Anna explores her collection of books, objects, and the internet until she discovers something that fascinates, inspires, or surprises her. She places these elements side by side, creating unexpected and captivating juxtapositions.

When she steps back and observes her finished work, she often discovers a narrative that she didn’t know she was telling. Anna hopes that her art will offer you a window into a world you’ve never seen before or a reflection of a part of yourself.

She invites you to explore her art and ask questions.

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