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Northeast Minneapolis artist, writer, creator, yogi, cyclist, foodi, dreamer, day trader, real estate fanatic, farm girl, human, woman, lover of the sky, of story, of poetry, of trees. All Are Welcome! I’m glad you are here.


Anna is interested in making something for you!



Northrup King Building: 1500 Jackson St NE Minneapolis, MN 55413

Anna of Stargirl Art is glad you are here.

She is a mixed media artist who is obsessed with color. She likes buying packs of markers or colored pencils arranged in the order of the rainbow with lots of shades in-between. She goes to bargain basements in used bookstores in search of images and text that she can rip out and rip up and use in her work.

She never has a clear picture of what she wants to create, but instead digs through her collection of books, objects, and the Internet until she finds something that fascinates her, inspires her, or surprises her. She places these things next to each other, creating juxtapositions that spark against each other in interesting ways.

When it’s done, she stands back to see the story she didn’t know she was trying to tell. Her hope is that you will either find a window into a new world you never knew existed or see yourself reflected back in her work.

She wants you to ask questions.

Anna also unleashes her creative side through photography, design, and writing. She earned an MFA in Creative Writing at Hamline University. Off the clock, she can be found practicing yoga, cycling, swing trading, researching real-estate opportunities, restoring old houses, or hanging with her friends, husband, and three wacky cats at their home in Northeast and her family farm in Wisconsin.

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