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One of my favorite adaptations of the Moon Field project is to make moons customized for a client. Clients usually have something in mind that they want to highlight, celebrate, remember or commemorate. I then ask questions, and create a work of art for them with their details incorporated. The details aren’t always obvious either. Sometimes, it’s only myself and the client who can tell what everything means.


Special Occassion

I made this moon for a baby shower. The sister of the new mom picked the colors and told me some important dates and other family details about the child and the new parents. This is what I came up with. Size 10×10

Custom Decor

These next two moons I made for a woman who was decorating a room with a fairytale/story theme. This one is based off a book by a local Minneapolis writer. Size 18×18

This one is based off a little known (or at least by me) fairytale that I researched to create this piece. Size 18×18


I made this one for a man with Lakota heritage. The colors and symbols are meaningful to his family and heritage. Size 6×6

What can I make for you?

If any of this gets you excited about having something made for a friend’s wedding, birthday, or for someone you love/yourself, just because, reach out! Or if you are ready to go, start with this form. No project is too small, and I’m always up front about the process and cost ahead of time. Let’s make something together!

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