Tic Tock Clock Collage: Original


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The piece is made up of three small canvases float framed in a custom frame built by a local artisan and is made out of walnut. It has a museum quality Plexiglas to protect the art from light damage. Frame size is 9 1/2″ x 18 1/2″.

x-ray separators ↵ watch bits ↵ serious glue ↵ water colors ↵ chalk ↵ repurposed pop tops↵

Clock Series Artist Statement 

The clock bits you see in these collages are the real-deal, antique watch parts. They are laid out on what I can guess is teeth x-ray separators that I found at Hunt & Gather. I wanted to show off these clock bits because 1. There are beautiful and 2. They are disappearing. The guts of your Apple watch does not look like this.



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