Tangerine 24×18 Collage Print


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Step 1: Pick a color. Any color.

Step 2: Go through boxes, books, magazines, and computer files searching for pictures, papers, and textures that fit the color theme and are interesting. NOTE: pick a few things that go against the color theme. It’s important not to be rigid.

Step 3: Cut it all up. Experiment with interesting or surprising ways to cut or rip the images.

Step 4: Glue it all down. This is a 3-stage process where you work in layers. Try not to think or strategize. Just glue. Leave room for surprise.

Step 5: Add texture and age. Use transparent papers for texture and coco power for age.

Step 6: Enjoy



Artwork: 21.5x11in

Artwork plus white boarder: 24x18in

Original Still Available: $200 

magazine scraps ↵ books bits ↵ craft paper ↵ coco wash ↵ mod podge


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