Shades 16×20 Collage Print


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This 16×20 collage print explores the different ways we portray women through images. The first layer is composed of all models. The pictures were taken to sell clothes, to sell a look. Those have been mostly covered over by my confused body-image-women thoughts scribbled out on transparent paper. Then, there are other kinds of woman: famous women, working women, women who rule, society women.

There’s a study that found that the overall happiness of women is lower now than it was in the 50’s. Yes, we’ve won our freedom to be more than ornaments and homemakers. But could the problem be that we are now expected to be full-time workers AT THE SAME TIME as being decretive and domestic.

I don’t know.

What do you think?


Artwork: 13x13in

Artwork plus white boarder: 16x20in

Original Still Available: $1,100

magazine scraps ↵ book bits ↵ markers ↵ tissue paper ↵ rubber stamps ↵ mod podge ↵ coco wash↵


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