Good For You 16×20 Collage Print


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I can’t stop collaging stuff that looks like it’s from around the 1950’s. Seriously. It’s a problem. The design esthetic paired with the social tension of how women and minorities were thought of is endlessly disturbing and fascinating. Maybe I keep coming back here because it’s good to have a visual reminder of where we were, but still honor how far we still NEED to go.

Why this title: the pictures of children and the sayings (except for the ones about decorating) came out of a book called Good for You. It’s by a bunch of fancy doctors and is part of the Health Action Series that gives dubious advice. Is it helpful to remember THAT happened?


Artwork: 13x16in

Artwork plus white boarder: 16x20in

magazine scraps ↵ books bits ↵ sewing pattern ↵ tissue paper ↵ typewriter ↵ coco wash ↵ mod podge


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