She’s Running: Telephone Pole Series


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She’s Running is one of a set of three digital collage prints. Each of these digital collages features a scan of a postage stamp from my collection. I love stamps because each one is like a tiny piece of art, with a unique postage date and a “sent from” location. A stamp is such a functional thing, yet we make them beautiful and meaningful when we wouldn’t have to.

A stamp travels from someone’s hands and is touched by many along its journey where it arrives in someone else’s hands. This action of touch in communication is magical in a digital world. And also something that belongs mostly to a past generation.

This series is about honoring the stamp and how we communicate with each other. Or don’t.


Artwork: 6x6in

Artwork plus white boarder: 8x8in

photos ↵ postage stamps ↵ paper scans ↵ blend modes ↵ poetry


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